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MGC Home Inc. has been providing high-end basement remodeling with integrity since 2008. As a licensed general contractor, we worked on hundreds of basement remodeling projects for Palatine owners just like you, providing honest, reliable, and affordable service that meets all your goals and exceeds expectations.

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We offer professional basement finishing and remodeling services – from design through installation – for those on a budget as well as custom creations.

Our experienced staff has what it takes to transform your basement design ideas into a reality. Moreover, we are quite flexible and can live up to all your basement finishing needs within the desired timelines.

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Palatine Basement Remodeling Cost

Depending on the state of your basement, the remodeling project may require a thorough resource-intensive exercise or just a simple paint job. Whichever your case, our competitively priced remodeling services have got you covered. We will help you choose budget-friendly furnishings and materials without compromising on quality.

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We will work out an exact estimate to accommodate your budget. Be it a new installation, wiring retrofit, disaster recovery, renewable power solution or light maintenance just leave everything with us

Palatine Basement Remodeling – Do it right

A lot of basements in Palatine area are not used efficiently as a result of poor shelving, ceiling hight, and how space is broken up. Forced air furnace systems create challenges to get height. We use heat runs and tuck them away to optimize space. MGC Home loves to turn damp basements into functional living spaces.

Palatine Basement Remodeling – Maximize space and light

Two things can make or break a successful basement remodel: the height of the ceiling and the amount of natural light. If there is a shortage of either, your “downstairs” will actually feel like a “basement,” which is not the desired outcome.
Of course you want to maximize the amount of light reaching your new remodeled basement, both natural and artificial. One tool at our disposal is the incorporation of well-designed egress windows. An egress window is essentially a well dug out around the window to allow light in. It is recommend by Palatine building code to have two ways out of every bedroom in case of an emergency, and while the stairs or door are one route, an egress window is a great second option. This is a wonderful requirement, because windows bring natural light.

Palatine Basement Remodeling – Heat efficiency

Our goal is that your Palatine basement remodel should feel just as cozy, bright and spacious as the rest of the house. That means proper HVAC planning is essential. Selecting a proper heating strategy is essential to making your basement family space livable. Here in northwestern residential suburb of Chicago, the drop in temperature in the winter will be that much more noticeable in a poorly-heated or insulated basement.

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Finally, the design matters a lot. At Reliable Basement Finishing Palatine, we have a plenty of basement finishing ideas that will leave your friends in awe once you apply them to your space. For some insight and inspiration, you can browse through our rich gallery.

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I am very pleased with my basement remodeling. I will definitely recommend you to others seeking basement ideas, basement remodeling, or basement finishing.

Mitch, Palatine, IL
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Reliable Basement provided us with an amazing remodeling experience. From the initial consultation to the final completion.

Sandra, Palatine, IL
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Great job at great price! The excellent service started with the person who initially answered the phone. Whole basement remodeling was done efficiently and neatly and was done exactly

Tedd, Palatine, IL
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Great job! Very professional, clean and attention to detail. Overall very happy with the whole basement remodeling project.

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Very professional. Complete basement remodeling in a timely manner. Very easy to work with. Crews were extremely trustworthy when here.

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